Stupid or Liar: Gun Control Edition

The monster behind the Sutherland Springs shooting had a least a half-decade of documented warning signs. Among those was a domestic violence conviction while he was an employee of the U.S. government, and for good measure he even went so far as to make death threats and try to escape from the nut house while still in their employ. From what I understand, under current law, the man should not have been able to buy a gun as a result of this conviction, even in Texas.

Yet even with all this evidence documented in the public record, and the laws on the books necessary to follow through on preventing the man from buying a gun, the government is so incompetent that this poster child for crazy-white-male-who-shouldn't-have-a-gun managed to slip through their system thanks to a lack of "common sense" at the level of, "maybe we should notify our fellow federal government agency, the FBI, about this bat-shit crazy guy we hired and fired, you know, like we're required to."

Once the horrific shooting had begun, the carnage was only stopped when an armed citizen, a former NRA instructor, confronted the shooter with his own gun, shooting him three times. Not only that, the armed citizen then got in a vehicle with another fellow citizen and pursued the shooter until he lost control of his vehicle and killed himself and was no longer a threat to others.

I don't know what the best course of action is to counteract gun violence in America, but after this I sure as shit know (if I didn't already) that it is not to place more power and responsibility in the hands of the federal government, stained as they are with the blood of innocent churchgoers.

Frankly, if you take into account everything that went on in Sutherland Springs, Texas this past weekend and your sincere proposal is still anything along the lines of, "we need the federal government to 'do something', enact 'common sense' laws, and/or take further control over the sale and ownership of firearms", then you're either stupid or you're just a liar.